At the core of Datablick lives a passion – actually an obsession – for analysis.  Years of proven, relevant experience supports this.  The capability to interrogate; investigate, and dive deep into data – surfacing meaningful insights that answer the business questions succinctly – is the challenge Datablick excels at. Crafting a data-driven user experience – compelling and engaging – is what Datablick delivers.

We love Tableau.  And they love us back.  We’ve got a total of eight rocks in our zen garden.  We also hold an ace in our Alteryx deck of cards.


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  1. Hi Anya,

    I was reading one of your articles (http://www.tableausoftware.com/public/blog/2014/04/custom-background-mapping-mayhem-2443) and your maps look great. I was interesting in exploring something similar however I haven’t had much success in incorporating TMS sources such as Mapbox and Stamen, at least not through WMS.

    Strangely, through the UI Tableau only allows you to add WMS map sources. Most modern map services such as Google Maps, Mapbox and Stamen provide a TMS service, projected in Web Mercator (EPSG:3857). I have managed to serve TMS layers up as WMS using the excellent MapProxy but when I brought them into Tableau I got poor results and a slightly distorted map.

    It turns out there are a couple of open issues related to Tableau forcing the map projection to EPSG 4326 which might explain the distortion and deterioration in the quality of my map tiles.

    An alternative method (forgetting about WMS) is to add addition TMS sources to the Tableau Repository (desktop or server installation) by adding an appropriately formatted .tms file describing the mapping source; as documented here…


    I would be interested to know whether this is the approach you had to take because I noticed you used Geoserver but I wasn’t aware that you could incorporate TMS layers into Geoserver.



    1. Hello David,

      Thank you for your comment. I have not had luck with the TMS layers on my Geoserver, sorry. Actually in the link you posted to Allan’s site, you will notice at the bottom of the post that the text and pictures of the step by step actually came from me 🙂 And that is how I did my bike share viz. I agree that mapping has along way to go in Tableau and would love to be able to use leafletjs, mapbox, etc.

    1. Hello Michela,

      Thank you so much for contacting DataBlick. I will send you an email with my contact information. I look forward to hearing about your Tableau projects.


  2. Hi Anya – Very impressed with your Tableau capabilities and am interested in enlisting Datablick’s services. Could you send me an email?

  3. Hello – I am interested in utilizing your visualization services.

    Please let me know what number I can call you at or email I can write to you at?


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